FPGAtech provides high quality FPGA development, verification, debug and training in relation to use of FPGA devices.

The purpose is to make it successful for companies to use FPGA devices in designs, either by assisting with specific module design and implementation, or through on-site specific methodology improvements and training of engineers in the development department.

Steps in design

All the steps for the entire design cycle can be covered, going through specification, architecture, design, implementation, review, test description and writing, and final documentation.

Hand over or subsequent support

The finished design is either handed over to internal engineers, or supported afterwards, to address requests for updates and enhancements.

If the design is handed over to internal engineers, the aim is that the engineers can take over the design entirely, so long term dependency on external design resources is avoided.

Can I help?

You are welcome to contact me for an initial discussion and idea creating meeting, to determine if your project can benefit from my support.

Details about technologies, tools and background are described on the subsequent pages.