Areas for design

Development of modules or systems in these and other areas:

  • Embedded systems for capture, processing and regulation
  • Test systems for development and debug
  • CPU systems for embedded design
  • Ethernet high speed, with capture, protocol analysis and generation
  • Ethernet industrial
  • Image processing, with implementation of mathematical models

Development steps

These development steps can be covered:

  • Specification, based in ideas
  • Architecture, based on specification
  • Module design, with structure related to specification
  • Module coding, in VHDL or Verilog/SystemVerilog and with FPGA features fully utilized and timing reached
  • Synthesis, with target for the used FPGA and with timing closure (STA)
  • Test specification, based on both specification and module code
  • Test bench design, driven by test specification
  • Test coding, in VHDL (using OSVVM og UVVM) or Verilog/SystemVerilog
  • Bring-up on hardware, to ensure correct operation in system
  • Debug in hardware, in the seldom case that it is required... :-)
  • Documentation, so all the above steps are covered

Technology and tools

Se pages Verification, Technology and Tool for more specific information, or lets take a brainstorm related to your project.